How to make a lawn mower go faster [6 Actionable methods]

How to make a lawn mower go faster [6 Actionable methods]

Are you looking for the best method of your lawn to become faster? Surely this method allows you to know how to make a lawn mower go faster. Before getting the start, you should be aware that after you turn into your fasting lawn mower.

Remember that the lawn-mower engine has safety features, and you have a user manual that you get from your lawn-mower. However, the slow lawn-mower kills your lots of time, and you fall a great issue when you are cutting the grass.

Whatever for avoiding the time killing and become faster your lawn mower go, you need to complete some process step by step. But don’t worry; the process is not tricky, so you can easily follow the process without any hassles.

In this review, I discuss only 6 best methods that work in 2020. According to my experience, the processes are very simple and easy. So, without talking more, let’s check out each of the steps for going to fast your lawn-mower.

Step 1: Sharpening your lawn-mower blade regularly

You may know that the blade provides a great roll for cutting the garden, patio, and lawn grass. But when you use the blade long-time and forget to sharpen, surely it works slowly and kills your time.

Some of the lawn-mower blades are break down and do not able to cut the grass faster. So, what can you do? Well, you need to sharpen your lawn-mower blade regularly so that it cuts the grass easily and fast.

When it cuts the grass fast, then your lawn mower hassle-free to go faster. It is one of the best methods which I used for my lawn-mower to become faster. It is truly worked, and you need not complete the process with any heavy-duty tools.

Step 2: Check your mower tire regularly.

 Well, this is my second step for you. Generally, tire plays an important role in making the lawn-mower go faster. The different lawn-mower comes with different tire sizes and durability. I think you may choose the best tire for your lawn-mower.

But you may know that sometimes the tire comes with leakage issue and also come with inflating issue. So, you need to find out the issue and solve it as soon as possible. If you don’t find any leakage issue, you need to check up the inflate option.

When you check out both, I think your lawn mower go faster without any issue. After completing this method, you need to go for third steps, which are more actionable and workable for your lawn-mower.

Step 3: Engine

Most of the lawn-mower death because of the engine. I think you choose a powerful OHV engine which provides you faster service. But when you don’t change the engine’s fuel regularly (monthly, yearly), the engine becomes spoor.

So, you need to change the fuel of the engine regularly for going fast, your lawn-mower. Different people used different fuel options, such as gas, propane, and others. Whatever you use, you need to use a high-quality fuel system.

This method is truly workable and actionable than the two others. So, before you start your lawn-mower faster to go, you need to consider this section without thinking more.

Step 4: Used lawn mower a day

Well, use the lawn-mower over for cutting the grass make it slower. Used the lawn-mower a day that means to choose a permanent time and use it regularly for going faster your lawn-mower without any issue.

Though this method doesn’t believe lawn mower expert because of the logic, I still believe that this section works perfectly nowadays. So, you can also check out this section for going faster to your lawn-mower without any issue.

Step 5: Hire a Lawn Mower Expert

If you don’t have enough time or don’t understand any process, how can you do lawn-mower go faster? You can hire a lawn-mower which helps you to do the job. Well, they also have the tools which you help reduce the cost to purchase.

On the other hand, the lawn-mower expert works professionally, which you don’t do as a newbie. There are lots of benefits to hiring a lawn mower expert for doing the job without any issue.

Step 6: Sometime deflate the tire

Inflate and deflate both are important to go lawn-mower faster. You already know about inflating the tire option. However, deflate is also important to increase the speed of lawn-mower. In a month or after 3-moths you need to deflate the tire.

After doing that, the tire becomes more powerful and provides you fast service. This section also used so many popular repair shops, and truly it is workable. With other options, you can also try this option to go your lawn-mower faster.


How to make a lawn mower go faster is a common debate for every lawn mower owner. After analyzing the upper 6 steps, you can easily increase your lawn-mower faster and save your time. According to my experience, the lawn-mower becomes slow to go because of the care.

On the other hand, if you perfectly use the lawn-mower, surely the lawn-mower provides you long-time service. Whatever for going fasting your lawn-mower without any issue, you can apply the above process without any issue. I hope that process is helping hand for you to go faster to your lawn-mower.

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